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Gabriel Tamura: "Think enthusiastically about your research ideas"

Gabriel Tamura

Gabriel Tamura is a Colombian PhD student working in the ADAM team. He is passionate about research. Here, he reflects on his experience and offers a few words of advice.

What is your role at Inria?

I am preparing a PhD thesis, jointly supervised by Lille 1 University and the University of Los Andes in Bogota (Colombia). As set out in the jointly-supervised thesis programme, I have spent six months at Inria Lille Nord-Europe in the ADAM project-team, led by Professor Laurence Duchien.

My research area is software engineering for component-based architecture reconfiguration. More specifically, I am examining the problem of preserving Quality of Service (QoS) agreements. My proposal is a formal model for establishing a reliable self-adapting process in response to QoS agreement violations.

What do you get out of your job?

It's a very rewarding experience in all respects. Exchanging ideas with people from other cultures helps you to identify other ways of thinking and change your perception of the world, other people, your activities and your everyday life, and open up new horizons.

 At Inria, I have also been trained as a professional researcher and learnt what research is all about.

A word of advice for applicants?

Think enthusiastically about your research ideas. Test them and strengthen them as much as you can with the help of your professors, your colleagues and the latest published studies. Once you have identified your field of research, find the Inria teams working on that subject. Spend time finding out about their activities and then contact the team director or one of the professors or researchers and explore possibilities for working with them.

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