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SOFA : an open-souce software platform fitting multi-physics simulation requirements

SOFA is an open-souce software platform fitting multi-physics simulation requirements. As a physics engine, SOFA provides mathematical models and algorithms to simulate physical systems, such as soft body dynamics with collision detection. Developed for more than 10 years, SOFA now includes many state-of-the-art models, solvers and algorithms to create new efficient numerical simulations.

Thanks to its continuous development, SOFA is now building upon a large international ecosystem of users and developers in both public and private sectors. SOFA is based on the open-source LGPL license, a permissive and non-contaminant license, thus facilitating the development of prototypes and products.

Application areas

Since its creation, SOFA has been massively experienced for medical applications. Today, its application domains are extended to physiology, biology, industrial robotics (soft robotics or articulated robotics), soft body dynamics and video games.

Inria teams involved

Since its start, several teams are involved in the development of SOFA:

  • Defrost - DEFormable Robotics SofTware
  • Epione - E-Patient : Images, data & mOdels for e-MediciNE
  • Hybrid - 3D interaction with virtual environments using body and mind
  • Imagine - Intuitive Modeling and Animation for Interactive Graphics & Narrative Environments
  • Mimesis - Computational Anatomy and Simulation for Medicine

Keywords: Modelling SOFA Simulation