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Innovative technologies resulting from research

Inria is the only French organisation exclusively dedicated to digital technology. Its researchers generate essential knowledge and applications - software, patents, etc. - that can be used in all fields.

From artificial intelligence to robotics, open source software to proofing software and HPC to the IoT, our work is recognised internationally on a regular basis and is implemented by enabling the transfer of technologies by way of framework agreements, joint laboratories, etc.

Working with Inria

Are you an entrepreneur? An industrialist? Would you like to work with one of our research teams? Contact one of our managers.

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Some key themes

Stimulate your business with the help of our teams and our innovative solutions! Our institute is present in every field of the digital sciences as diverse as healthcare, transport, energy, communications, security and privacy protection, smart cities and the factory of the future, etc. Discover, with Inria, essential subjects such as high-performance computing (HPC), the Internet of Things (IoT) and connected vehicles.


Inria & le HPC

Inria has participated in the creation of high-performance computing (HPC) concepts. Today, the institute is a figurehead in research in this field and contributes to the creation and provision of increasingly innovative technologies in this sector. With HPC, simulation tools with a previously inconceivable power can now be used. Discover four example of technologies Inria has helped to develop.

RFIDs et réseaux de capteurs @ Inria RFIDs et réseaux de capteurs @ Inria

Inria and the IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) and big data are two intertwined fields that are expanding massively. Inria is involved on every level: scientifically, with a large number of research teams, from the technological development perspective that can ensue and through vital industry partnerships

E-MOTION H. Raguet

Inria & connected vehicles

Connected and autonomous vehicles are considered by the automobile industry and all mobility operators to be a major strategic challenge for the future, and are the subject of massive investment. It is a field in which digital technology will play a central role and where Inria has been carrying out cutting-edge research for many years. The recognised expertise of the institute - particularly in applied mathematics, software engineering or artificial intelligence - makes it a key partner for companies in the sector.

Software consortia backed by Inria

Inria can form industry and institutional partnerships with less bureaucracy, organised around an idea or a collaboration: these are called consortia. They are flexible structures that define their own operating rules. Some examples of current consortia.


This consortium is in charge of the MUMPS software, a reference solver for sparse linear systems from the world of digital simulation, combining digital robustness, parallelism and a large processing capacity.

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The aim of this consortium is to promote Pharo software and its ecosystem, enable the definition of its road map and provide support to the developers and the user community.

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The aim of this software consortium is to create links with the economic world, such as finding interesting prospects in the field of medical simulation. Sofa open source software aims to create physical simulations reproducing surgical procedures.

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Innovative technologies


A middleware for managing inputs/outputs and in-situ display, for applications with heavy file system workload (bottlenecks, crashes, performance fluctuations) running on very large scale multi-core HPC platforms.

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One of the main open source software programs in the field of brain-computer interfaces (BCI) and research in the neurosciences.

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An experimental home-help platform for seniors, deployed in the field in the Gironde region since spring 2014.

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A consortium built around the MUMPS software, a benchmark solver for sparse linear systems derived from the numerical simulation world, combining numerical robustness, parallelism and large processing capacity, while minimising resolution times and consumption of computing resources.

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Programming environment for efficient use of heterogeneous multi-core, parallel architectures enabling programmers to focus on their algorithms while ensuring efficient use of the various processors/accelerators and minimising data movements between the various memories.

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SOFA is an open-souce software platform fitting multi-physics simulation requirements. As a physics engine, SOFA provides to simulate physical systems, such as soft body dynamics including collision detection.

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Technology transfer at inria

Inria has put in place a range of resources, including internal ones, in order to strengthen its technology and skills transfer actions. As a continuation of our research activities, our missions consist in organising research partnerships with businesses, facilitating access to technologies originating from our laboratories and furthering the emergence of new solutions, products or services.