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As a continuation of our research activities, our missions consist in organising research partnerships with companies, facilitating access to technologies originating from our laboratories and furthering the emergence of new solutions, products or services. For this, Inria has put in place a range of tools, both internally and externally, in order to strengthen its technology and expertise transfer actions.

Inria is part of a desire to establish continuity between research, the development of technologies, industry transfer and applications. Inria's Carnot label, renewed in 2016, demonstrates this commitment focusing on research partnership activities with companies in order to meet society's innovation requirements.

Promoting research partnerships

Creation of joint laboratories with major industry groups

The Inria Joint Labs establish durable and fruitful collaborations. Industry uses the research results, but also provides our researchers with new problems, real data or original areas of application. As a result, important synergies are put in place between public and private research, resulting in innovation and value creation.

Collaborations with smaller companies (SMEs or ETIs (intermediate-sized enterprises)

These collaborations focus even further on rapid transition-to-market perspectives. Inria technologies complement industry expertise in the Inria Innovation Labs co-investment process.

Supporting the creation of start-ups

Inria is strongly involved in supporting these start-ups and helps around ten new businesses to emerge each year. None of this could happen without strong involvement in national and European ecosystems and and competitiveness clusters in the style of French Tech or KIC.

Inria's presence, with eight research centres spread across France, is based on an original model enabling strong, daily collaboration between the world's top researchers, engineers who provide their expertise to the experimentations and developments, and business managers who ensure the link with the economic world.

Fostering the emergence of new solutions, products or services

From technological development to technology transfer

Inria has put in place “Inria Hub ”, an internal initiative that brings together its technological development actions and its technology transfer actions (value creation strategy, setting-up of consortia, Inria Innovation Lab, business creation, maturation with a view to signing a licence) with the aim of ensuring continuity between technological development, maturation and the processing of funding requests.

Some exemples of realisations

An organisation serving technology transfer

In each Inria research centre, a Technology Transfer, Innovation and Partnerships department and an Experimentation and Development for Research Department is available to our researchers. Proximity to its services enables an almost daily view of the development of the technologies and prototypes and the maintenance of a software expertise network, and facilitates access to technical help and advice.