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Inria Innovation Lab Triton : Beepeers & ZENITH project-team

In February 2014, Inria and the company Beepeers decided to join forces within the context of an Inria Innovation Lab. The aim of this partnership - which was renewed in July 2016 - is to enable Beepeers to boost its competitiveness by using the Triton software factory in order to produce, and rapidly put into operation, social networks on mobiles.

Beepeers, a start-up founded in November 2011, commercialises social networks on mobiles for user communities linked to an event (exhibitions, festivals, etc.), a sporting activity or a commercial activity. The end client (the organiser or company buying the mobile application) can, as a result, better develop the loyalty of its own customers, its community or its public thanks to a social network that is collaborative (exchange of comments, instant messaging, etc), interconnected (NFC, beacons) and accessible everywhere (multi-platform).

The - very ambitious - aim of the Triton project, led by the Zénith project team, is to enable the organisers of events to directly design their application via a dedicated web interface. Thanks to the Triton software factory, mobile customers and the specific server element are therefore produced and put into operation automatically, without requiring the intervention of Beepeers' salespersons or developers.

Keywords: Inria Innovation Lab Beepeers ZENITH Data analytics