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Inria Innovation Lab OSCAR : Safety Line & Commands project-team

In February 2016, Inria and the company Safety Line launched the Inria Innovation Lab OSCAR (OptimiSation of Consumption for AiRplanes) for a period of three years. This joint laboratory aims to improve development of the product OptiClimb and to provide airlines with flight scheduling and operational performance management tools. The benefit for industry is reflected in the optimisation of fuel consumption and the reduction in CO2 emissions.

This project follows on from a previous collaboration on the optimisation of climb speeds in flight planning, which resulted in the filing of a patent and the OptiClimb software solution.

Safety Line is a dynamic company created in 2010 in the field of risk management and statistical analysis of flight data for the aeronautics industry, and has since developed several product ranges.

The central research theme of the COMMANDS project team, from the Inria Saclay - Île-de-France centre, is the study and optimisation of dynamic systems. Its aim is to develop digital methods for applications based on physical systems or economic models.

The challenge of this collaboration is to apply dynamic programming in a highly-constrained context with a postieri parametrisations and robust computations. Developments are carried out using the Bocop toolbox. The project aims to reduce the gap between the optimal flight path and the instructions given to the pilots.

Keywords: Commands team Software Aeronautics Safety Line Inria Innovation Lab