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MESHING LAB Inria Innovation Lab: Distene and the GAMMA 3 project team

In 2017, Inria and the company Distene again renewed their partnership in a joint laboratory called the Meshing Lab for a further three years. This joint lab was set up to develop and adapt automatic meshing software components for 3D digital simulation. These meshing software components are developed for integration in third-party industrial CAD solutions.

Distene  is an SME that originated at Inria. The company was set up in 2004 as a spin-off from Simulog, Inria's first-ever subsidiary, founded in 1984. Operating in the market for components for 3D digital simulation, Distene has now become the leading provider of automatic meshing technology in the simulation market. Parts of this technology are based on research by the Gamma3 project team. Distene now has over sixty active OEM licensing agreements with international commercial developers, and also supplies solutions that can be integrated in industry-specific solutions.

The GAMMA project was set up in 1996. The topics researched under the project encompass a range of activities mainly relating to automated mesh generation. The partnerships developed by the team have enabled the researchers to go beyond conventional mesh generation techniques and explore controlled mesh generation methods. Marketing the software designed as part of the Gamma research project is a major part of the research team's activities. To this end, lnria and Distene, working in close collaboration, provide a number of options for making resources available, assessment, technology transfer and sales (as appropriate).

  • Results from the initial labs

Industrial CAD developers have a growing need for meshing, implying a need for significant progress at the level of fundamental and applied research, which Distene could not achieve on its own. The agreement between the Gamma team and Distene enabled the latter to enter into a contract with a leading player in the market. This project has been a success, both technically and commercially, leading to the development of a complete suite, the MeshGems suite, which incorporates these research results. Other joint technical work focusing on hexahedral-dominant meshing, high-order meshes, and on the use of parallel computing, has since led to the signature of commercial contracts with the leading developers in the global market.
The Innovation Lab has played a determining role in this, making it possible to sign major long-term contracts and leading to consistent growth, thanks to the Lab's reliability and results in finding solutions to meet technological challenges.

  • Current activities

A new joint R&D project was launched in 2017, to expand the MeshGems suite with cutting-edge developments in meshing and fluid mechanics, and outstrip the international competition.

Thanks to the agreement and joint projects developed by Gamma and Distene at an Innovation Lab, many licensing agreements have been signed with leading players in the global market, such as Dassault Systemes, Autodesk, and MSC, among others.

                                                                             Mark Loriot, Distene CEO

Keywords: Automatic meshings CAD Distene GAMMA 3 Inria Innovation Lab