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Inria Innovation Lab LEELCO : Expway & Privatics project-team

LEELCO, or "Low End-to-End Latency COmmunications", is an Inria Innovation Lab founded mid-2015 by the Expway SME and the Privatics Inria research team.

Leader in digital content broadcast solutions towards large sets of mobile terminals, Expway has a long collaboration with Inria through different technologies that enable reliable transmissions over wireless 4G/LTE and Wifi networks.

This Innovation Lab aims at improving the commercial offer of Expway with new solutions suited to real-time data transmissions, typically for voice and video flows. In this context the end-to-end delay (or latency) should be kept as low as possible in order to enable high quality interactions between users. However, this should not compromise the ability to recover from transmission issues (typically packet erasures) that are unavoidable with wireless networks. Within this Innovation Lab we will design new Forward Erasure Correction (FEC) codes and adapt existing communication protocols in order to have it both ways, low latency and improved reliability.

Keywords: Inria Innovation Lab Privatics 4G/LTE/IMS and M2M Expway