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Inria Innovation Lab Exapta : Ertus Consulting & project-team Realopt

The aim of this shared project, led by Ertus Consulting (Ertus Management group) and the joint project team RealOpt (Inria, University of Bordeaux, Bordeaux INP, CNRS) is to simplify operations management in the wine-producing sector.

The goal is to develop a decision support tool making it possible to facilitate the planning of work in the vineyard and to calibrate equipment and strategy, such as those relating to phytosanitary treatments or soil management.

ERTUS Consulting is a consultancy firm specialising in the wine sector, helping companies to optimise all of their business lines, in particular production management in the vineyard and in wine stores.

The RealOpt team works, via different combinatorial optimisation methods, on complex logistics applications (routing problems), production planning and job scheduling, design and management of networks and scheduling, and on cutting stock and placement problems.

The decision support tool will be developed as part of the Inria Innovation Lab based on RealOpt's BaPCod software. It will be directly implemented within the innovative winery management software Process2Wine, published by D2E (Ertus Management group). As a result, the wine-maker will be helped with the monitoring of standards and relieved of part of his/her time-consuming vineyard planning and job scheduling work. S/he will be able to devote more time to higher value-added activities, such as the detailed management of production costs, observation of the vineyard, business management and customer relations...

Keywords: Decision-making aid Ertus Consuting Viticulture RealOpt Inria Innovation Lab