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Inria Innovation Lab EduMICS : Educlever & the joint project-team I3S/WIMMICS

In February 2017, Inria and Educlever launched the EduMICS Inria Innovation Lab, aimed at accelerating Educlever's research in the field of adaptive and collaborative learning.

Educlever, a company created in 2002, specialises in the publication of online academic and extracurricular resources. Today, the company's two platforms - and - are benchmarks in academic support for students as well as for teachers.

WIMMICS is a project team from the Inria Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée centre, working on Web-based epistemic communities by designing approaches and solutions to process, support, control and improve the data and interactions of these communities.

EduMICS, which stands for “Educative Models Interactions Communities with Semantics”, will be developing new solutions thanks to the expertise of the WIMMICS project team in ontology engineering and semantic Web models and techniques, in order to gain a competitive advantage on the online education market. This collaboration thereby targets the semantisation of Educlever solutions and the scaling up of its ontological skills base, with a significant economic importance for society.

Keywords: Inria Innovation Lab E-education WIMMICS Semantic Web Educlever