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Inria Innovation Lab Colinocs : Colisweb & INOCS project-team

After an initial collaboration contract signed in July 2015, aimed at optimising and automating the assignment of loads to transporters, Inria and the company Colisweb decided to continue their partnership by launching, in November 2016, an Inria Innovation Lab. Its aim: to continue improving the transporter management solution and develop income management modules. 

Colisweb, a start-up created in 2013 and based at Lille EuraTechnologies, offers an intra-conurbation delivery solution in under two hours and by appointment within a one-hour time slot, without inflated prices for the customers.

For its part, the Inria INOCS team are experts in modelling and in solving large-scale optimisation problems with complex structures. 

The collaboration between INOCS and the start-up will, as a result, enable the development of generic and robust models with a high level of complexity, in such a way as to confirm Colisweb's position as a key player on the last-mile logistics market, by enabling them to:

  • better negotiate their contracts and delivery costs with online sellers, thereby increasing both their turnover and their delivery capacity;
  • increase their margins by optimising the pooling of deliveries and the transporters' work schedules;
  • improve visibility for the transporters as well as their quality of life, whilst delivering a better service to the customer. 

Keywords: Inocs research team Inria Innovation Lab Modelling Optimization Colisweb