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LabCom Cineviz : SolidAnim & MimeTIC team-project

The goal of this joint laboratory named Cineviz is to propose the Film industry a set of new previzualisation tools that ease the creation of cinematographic sequences in virtual environments before the shooting (previzualisation stage or previs), and prepare the technical implementation of these sequences during the shooting (technical vizualisation stage or techvis). 

These tools stand in starking contrast with existing ones essentially based on generic 3D modelers, which are complex to use, not easy accessible to film professionals, and not adapted to specific needs in the movie industry.

This labcom ambitions two major shifts in the field merging the stages of shooting and lighting for the rapid and creative exploration of cinematographic sequences in 3D environments and merging the previs and techvis stages for a better preparation of the shooting stage. The expected impacts are a reduction of the production costs through a better preparation, and a support for creativity through a rapid exploration of possibilities.

The advances will be integrated in the SolidFrame software, the result of a on-going technological transfer between INRIA and SolidAnim. Each advance in the axes will correspond to a software milestone in SolidFrame and will be proposed to his clients. The proposed innovations will allow SolidAnim to extend the range of services the company can propose on a film preparation, and to address new markets, typically those which do not use rely on previsualisation techniques.

Keywords: MimeTIC SolidAnim 3D environment LabCom