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Inria Innovation Lab CertiVIBE : Mensia Technologies & HYBRID project-team

Since 2015, Inria and Mensia Technologies have been working within the Inria Innovation Lab CertiViBE, whose objective is to facilitate the development of medical devices based on OpenViBE, Inria's flagship software used as a daily support for research, and to promote transfer possibilities in the medical field.

Created in 2009, OpenViBE has become one of the leading open source software programs in the fields of brain-computer interfaces (BCI) and neuroscience research. 

Mensia Technologies, a start-up founded in 2012 by the Institute as a continuation of this work and which specialises in the development of non-invasive medical devices to treat the brain, is using OpenViBE technology through its own range of applications, but also through the provision of services, in particular for other manufacturers or practitioners.

Today, the partnership between Inria and Mensia is evolving within the Innovation Lab CertiViBE: it aims to jointly develop a better quality version of OpenViBE that is enriched with new functionalities. The first version of NeuroRT 3.0 was released in March 2017, followed by the public release of OpenViBE 2.0 in September that year.

The start-up’s software, of which CertiViBE is an essential component, has recently been certified by the European directives concerning the development and commercialisation of new medical equipment.

Keywords: Hybrid Mensia Technologies Inria Innovation Lab Neurosciences