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Feedback Experience : Inria Innovation Lab Lollipox

In 2013, Inria and the company Lixoft launched a joint laboratory called Lollipox for a duration of three years. The aim of this joint laboratory was the adaptation of statistical and mathematical modelling software for use in industrial conditions by pharmaceutical companies.

The company

Lixoft is an Inria start-up created in 2011 thanks to disruptive innovations in estimation and statistical modelling originating from the Popix team. It operates in the biotechnologies and pharmaceutical industry, clinical and pre-clinical trials and the individualisation of treatments. Today it has 14 staff.

The Inria project team

The Popix team worked on population modelling in pharmacology. It evolved to become XPOP, a joint team with the École Polytechnique. XPOP's research activities concern statistical modelling for the life sciences. The new algorithms and new methods developed by XPOP for modelling are implemented in software tools, in particular the Monolix software developed by Lixoft.


The integration within the industrial environment required the software to be rewritten in C++ and an in-depth knowledge of the algorithms in order to make their roll-out on modern architectures possible: by using high-performance computing, on parallel architectures and by integrating optimisation mechanisms based on new statistical methodologies. New pharmacological models, very much in advance compared to the competition, have also been developed.

The new code created was then developed for a year within the company before being integrated into the Monolix 2018 suite. It will be commercialised in January 2018. However, from March 2017 onwards, the library was already offering a part of the new pharmacological models, enabling Lixoft to be positioned as the de facto reference on the elaborated and complex models.

A new joint R&D project will be launched in 2018 and, moreover, it must be noted that the Inria team regularly uses Lixoft software for its research activities as well as a teaching aid.

The Innovation Lab has been a very important component in the growth of the company, and has positioned us at the cutting edge of the methods used. And the first commercialisation stage of the Monolix 2018 suite constitutes a real revolution in our commercial offering!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Jérôme Kalifa, CEO of Lixoft