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Experience feedback: Inria Innovation Lab Seth

Launched in 2009, renewed in 2012, and finished in 2016, the collaborative work between the Inria project team CLIME and NUMTECH was based on meteorology and air quality. The main focus of this laboratory involved assimilation in atmospheric dispersion, ensemble forecasts, downscaling, uncertainty and statistical methods.

Pierre Beal, Numtech CEO

"The joint laboratory with Inria was a driving force for Numtech development, as today 90% of the associations certified for monitoring air quality use our Urban Air System solution, which integrates methods developed in cooperation with Inria.

We particularly valued the way Inria researchers and engineers gave special attention to the constraints an SME must cope with. This led them to understand our needs, an experience we had not encountered with other scientific organisations. The researchers made a real effort to adapt their algorithms to help us meet our challenges.

We also felt the impact the partnership had on our customers’ appraisal of our services: it gave us a pitch, a reference to back us up, and helped stabilise our business over time!"

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