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Experience feedback: Inria Innovation Lab OSCAR

In February 2016, Inria and Safety Line launched the Inria Innovation Lab OSCAR (Optimisation of Consumption for Airplanes) for a period of three years. This joint laboratory aims to improve development of the OptiClimb product and provide airlines with flight scheduling and operational performance management tools.

Pierre Jouniaux, Safety Line CEO

"Based on collaboration between the COMMANDS project team and the start-up Safety Line, the OSCAR lab demonstrates the advantages of this type of project structure. We were able to shorten the time required for Inria research to reach industry by acting as the contact point with the airline and by adapting results for operational use. These very short cycles allowed us to test ideas and determine their usefulness.

For example, the OptiClimb project took less than a year to pass from research to the operational phase, an extremely short period for this sector. We therefore continue to apply this very efficient process, and will soon be able to offer our customers new opportunities.

Another illustration of this process began in June 2017, when we were invited to the Industry Meeting organised by Inria Chile. Since that event, we have been conducting tests with LATAM, the largest airline in Latin America. Our partnership with Inria also helped reassure our investors the last time we raised capital, by clearly identifying our intellectual property assets in our contracts with the Institute. For these reasons, we have decided to continue our collaboration and extend it over time by launching a project with a doctorate student preparing a PhD."

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