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Inria and its entrepreneurial culture

The law on innovation allows public sector researchers to create a business based on their research work. As a result, the institute encourages and strongly supports the creation of start-ups originating from Inria. Discover the ways in which this takes place.

Our start ups

The technology companies originating from Inria manufacture products resulting from research prototypes or disseminate the knowledge acquired at the institute. Their founding teams include a former member of the Inria teams.

Discover more than 160 start-ups Inria created since 1984.

A seed fund


This is a first-stage seed fund created in 2011 to enable researchers to obtain money sufficiently early in order to transform their cutting-edge technologies into innovative and marketable products or services.

Centres of innovation

Plateau Inria EuraTechnologies © Inria


Euratechnologies, the start-up accelerator - and Inria partner - houses a collaborative workspace: "Plateau Inria ".

Station F

Inria and Microsoft have partnered to provide existing start-ups with easy access to Inria's researchers and technologies and, in so doing, help them grow. They are present at Station F, the world's largest start-up incubator.


Inria / Photo H. Raguet


An initiative aimed at accelerating the transfer of technologies from our research teams towards businesses. It is based on three technological platforms:   Grid5000, FIT IoT-Laband the interaction-image platform. It enables the scientists from our research teams to make the transition from concept to prototyping and to design their innovation in order to accelerate the development of their innovative projects.


This initiative enables a better identification of technology transfer opportunities in advance (for start-ups, licences granted to partners, platforms, transfer-orientated partnerships, etc.) and to consider, very early on, all value creation opportunities. InriaHub welcomes projects via three calls for projects per year.