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Inria, a player in the national competitiveness cluster system

Competitiveness clusters are a key mechanism in the French policy of support for innovation. These clusters actually bring together companies, research laboratories, and training institutions on a given territory in order to develop synergies and cooperation. At the heart of their mission is the promotion of a global environment favorable for innovation and the cluster's players.

Since its creation, Inria has placed competitiveness clusters at the heart of its strategy. In fact, the clusters play a structuring, unifying role as regional innovative ecosystems, and, through the leverage and acceleration effect that they offer, they are natural receptacles of Inria's actions in order to develop technology transfers to SMEs and medium-size companies [insérer lien vers la page Inria & PME]. In particular, competitiveness clusters provide a dynamic framework for maintaining network exchanges between businesses and players in public research, and, by reinforcing confidence and mutual knowledge over time, they make it possible to find a better intersection between the supply of laboratories and the demand of SMEs in terms of technology transfers.

Inria has thus chosen to focus its action in some highly innovative clusters in its fields and on the territories where its research centers are established.

Aside from its role as an active member within these clusters, Inria is also the sponsor of national actions to stimulate technology transfers and innovation, which are conducted in partnership and regionally embodied by these clusters, most often also in an inter-cluster logic.

Also worth mentioning are the Inria-Industry Meetings intended for SMEs, co-organized with clusters, including, since 2008, Medicen, PICOM, Aerospace Valley, Systematic, Cap Digital, Advancity, Solutions Communicantes Sécurisées, and others to come; the Mobile Service Initiative, with the Cap Digital, Systematic, and SCS clusters; the HPC - SME Initiative with the Aerospace Valley, Systematic, Axelera, and Minalogic clusters. Competitiveness clusters are more generally at the heart of the partnership between Inria and OSEO, aiming to develop the capacities for innovation of SMEs in the digital field.