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Our initiatives to meet industry

Inria regularly organises events promoting exchanges between the scientific community, the economic world and society. With this synergy between industry and researchers, Inria participates in the transfer of skills for technological innovations in digital technology.

Inria-Industry Meetings

Rencontres INRIA - Industrie

Inria's aim is to increase the competitiveness of companies that integrate its cutting-edge technologies. In order to further opportunities to meet and to initiate collaboration projects between researchers and businesses, Inria has put in place the Inria-Industry Meetings; national or regional themed days that take place several times a year throughout France.


The "rendez-vous du plateau" meetings

Plateau Inria EuraTechnologies © Inria

With an events schedule in place throughout the year, the "Plateau Inria" demonstration area provides a meeting place for businesses evolving in the field of digital technology. Its aims are to discover and test the research results of our scientists that could meet their expectations.


In'Tech seminars

In'Tech seminars are organised by the Inria Grenoble-Rhône-Alpes research centre. They offer a series of presentations, time for exchanges and discussions as well as an area reserved for businesses or laboratories in order to present their activity.