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Technology transfer at Inria

A word from Eric Horlait

Eric Horlait, directeur du transfert et de l'innovation - crédit photo Gilles Scagnelli/Inria © Inria / Photo Gilles Scagnelli

"Inria's goal is to ensure that its research has the greatest possible economic and societal impact by stimulating innovation through the transfer of its skills and technologies.

Digital science and technology play a decisive role in improving society and our daily life. They have a direct and lasting influence on all sectors of industry, and keeping at the forefront of these fields is a key factor in staying competitive.

Therefore, the Institute is strongly committed to working within competitiveness clusters, in order to identify demand and play an active role in the development of innovative ecosystems. Our strategic partnerships with large firms' R&D departments enable our teams to be involved in research projects on an industrial scale. One aim of such collaboration is to build long-term relationships, often in the form of Inria Joint Laboratories. At the same time, Inria also makes technology transfer a priority by helping to launch new companies and by forming partnerships with innovative SMEs.

Interoperability also contributes to societal development and growth of the digital economy, whether through standardisation or "openness". That is why reasonable support of open-source software, open access to public data, and open web standards also form part of our transfer policy."

Eric Horlait , Deputy CEO for Transfert and Industrial Partnerships

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