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AB - 22/10/2015

The start-up iQSpot raises 300,000 Euros

The start-up iQSpot, which was created in 2015 at the Inria-Bordeaux research centre and specialises in energy savings, has just raised 300,000 Euros in seed funding from IT-Translation.

IT-Translation, which provides seed funding to finance public or private research projects based on digital technology, has just granted funding of 300,000 Euros to the start-up iQSpot. iQSpot, a start-up created in 2015 by two Inria engineers - Julien Bruneau and Quentin Enard - proposes a software platform devoted to the intelligent management of buildings, in order to reduce the energy bill of commercial buildings thanks to the involvement of their occupants. This platform, which is available on the Cloud, enables all of the components of a building's ecosystemto connect and totally interact: its occupants, sensors, actuators and displays.

A prize-winner at the i-LAB 2013 competition (organised by the French Ministry for Education and Research and Bpifrance) in the "Emergence" category, iQSpot has, as a result, funded its first market research and technical feasibility studies. The Bordeaux start-up passed via the Aquitaine regional incubator and is currently based at Bordeaux Technowest, an association that brings together investors and business creators in the western part of the region’s capital.

Since its official creation in 2015, iQSpot has been commercialising a software solution (Cloud platform, development kit, applications marketplace) enabling energy efficiency savings in the field of commercial property.  Poste Immo, a subsidiary of the La Poste (French postal service) group, in particular has just adopted this iQSpot solution to progressively change behaviour with regard to energy savings.

Julien Bruneau, CEO and co-founder of iQSpot, is delighted with this funding, which will allow for an increase in the number of employees and for the start-up's market to be internationalised:

This funding will enable us to recruit new staff, to reach 12 people by 2017, and to accelerate our R&D and commercial development.

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