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Digital Simulation Awards

AB - 24/06/2015

Start-up Distène receives the Jury Prize

The Digital Simulation Awards, first held on 23rd June 2015, are intended to identify the French champions in the field of numerical simulation. Distene, the Inria start-up created by Mark Loriot and Laurent Anne in 2002, received the Jury Prize, amongst other awards.

Simulation is a research priority at Inria. Through its multidisciplinary nature—embracing almost every field that involves science, including medicine, transportation, energy and architecture—simulation gives rise to technologies that are central to the world of innovation. Inria aims to transfer the results of its research into the economic world, particularly by creating or supporting start-ups and SMEs.

This first edition of the Digital Simulation Awards, organised by Teratec and L'Usine Nouvelle, shone the spotlight on a start-up that came out of Inria: Distene. The prize particularly highlighted the performance characteristics of MeshGems meshing software, which is gradually replacing the standard tools. Distene has won over more than fifty major software publishers, including Dassault Systèmes, Autodesk, Ansys and Siemens-PLM-SoftwareDistene now holds about half of the open market.

Three other companies under Inria's guidance also won prizes:

  • Principia, which calculates ocean floors in record time, won the SME prize: 
  • HydrOcean, which masters fast and complex flows, received the Innovation Prize;
  • And Danielson Engineering received a special commendation from the jury for the realistic qualities of its virtual motors.

These SMEs were beneficiaries of the HPC-PME Initiative launched by Genci, Inria and Bpifrance to help SMEs boost their competitiveness thanks to HPC and simulation.

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