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Inria & PRIME


A new partnership to strengthen innovation in the United States

Inria has just signed a partnership with PRIME, the American subsidiary of Paris Région Entreprises, whose mission is to promote the Paris region as a centre of innovation.
With this partnership, Inria seeks to consolidate its activities in the United States and, in particular, support and promote the economic development of its start-ups with the help of the Inria Alumni network.

This partnership, which was signed in July 2014, will be sealed by the organization of an event in San Francisco in June 2015; researchers, entrepreneurs and industrialists will be invited to exchange ideas on the theme of "smart cities", based on demonstrations resulting from research by Inria teams and innovative start-ups. For its part, PRIME will provide support facilities to the start-ups and SMEs chosen by Inria.

Inria's objective is to ensure the economic and societal impact of its research by accelerating innovation through the transfer of its technologies and skills: the institute is therefore making technological transfer a priority by supporting the creation and development of new companies in France and internationally.

Inria is already active in the United States 

  • In 2011, the institute launched Inria@SiliconValley. This program aims to reinforce and structure existing collaborations between the institute's research teams and Californian universities in order to create and support new, innovative projects. 
  • 2014 saw the launch of the CityLab project. It brings together 10 Inria and CITRIS research teams on the theme of Smart Cities.



PRIME is the American subsidiary of Paris Région Entreprises, and is based in San Francisco and Boston.
PRIME is a transatlantic innovation platform, whose mission is to promote the Paris region as a centre of innovation by encouraging and inciting American companies and organizations to invest in the Paris area.

PRIME provides a series of services and programs favoring transatlantic partnerships, for example:

  • Promoting ambassadors of R&D laboratories,
  • Implementation of open innovation programs,
  • Organization of learning placements,
  • Organization of events to promote research and innovative technologies,
  • etc...

PRIME has a sister company, French Tech Hub, a growth accelerator for high-tech French companies in the United States.