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HPC-SME Initiative: supercomputing within the reach of SMEs


The HPC-SME Initiative is a program launched jointly by GENCI, Inria, OSEO and four global competitiveness clusters (Aerospace Valley, Axelara, Minalogic, Systematic). Its objective is to facilitate and encourage SME (PME in French) access to High Performance Computing (hence HPC-PME), a luxury often reserved solely for major industrial companies. Because it can shorten the time for testing services and products and process large amounts of mixed data, the use of supercomputing allows SMEs to remain aggressive on competitive, changing markets.

The HPC-SME Initiative offer

Program actions are undertaken in a customized , long-term dynamic of stimulation, qualification, development and monitoring of projects.

Coordinated jointly by the stakeholders (computing resources, expertise, financing and ecosystems of innovation), the program offers four things to companies:

  • Training and sharing of best practice
  • Expertise based in particular on a transfer of skills from public research
  • Access to supercomputing equipment
  • Help  with integration in innovation financing systems

How to access the HPC-SME Initiative program

You can apply for access to the program by submitting a preliminary file  online.

For more information, please visit the program website:

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