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Inria, joint organiser of the Open World Forum 2013

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The sixth Open World Forum, the leading European free and open source forum, will be held in Paris from 3-5 October 2013 and this year its major focus will be demystifying and materialising innovation.

  • Date : 3/10/2013 to 5/10/2013
  • Place : Centre culturel Le Beffroi, 2 place Emilie Cresp - 92120 Montrouge
  • Guest(s) : Patrick Moreau, Responsable du patrimoine logiciel
  • Organiser(s) : Systematic

Inria has reconfirmed its strong support for free software by being one of the joint organisers of this year's OWF, first launched in 2008 to bring together free software decision-makers, communities and developers to cross-fertilise open technological, economic and society initiatives and build the digital future.

The OWF 2013 will be constructed around three main themes: Think, Code and Experiment, all in relation to the future of the internet and free software.

Thursday 3 October - Think

This plenary session will be all about "making it happen": The free software and open source industries now need to make the step from intention and political and strategic decision making, to implementation and practical procurement. The aim of this conference is to show that innovation, supported largely by open source and free software, is accessible to all companies and that they can innovate in their own field of activity much more easily than before, with the help of new, free technologies.

Friday 4 October - Think & Code

The topics discussed during the Think plenary conference will then be developed during workshops and think tanks.
At the same time, the OWF will launch the Code theme comprising technical presentations on topics such as internet and mobile technologies, infrastructure, big data and software quality.

Saturday 5 October - Experiment

Experiment will present for the public the company innovations made possible thanks to free software and open source - software innovations of course but material, artistic and organisational innovation too. "From artistic creation to connected objects and democracy, the topics covered under the umbrella theme of free and open source will further our knowledge of these subjects and allow us to make them happen".

  • Deadline for sending projects to take part in the Student Demo Cup
  • Closure of the call for proposals on the Think and Code themes for the Open World Forum
  • Award of the Student Demo Cup prize during the Open World Forum


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