Gaston Berger University selected as an African Centre of Excellence

Changed on 24/11/2019
In response to a call from the World Bank and with the academic support of the Association of African Universities, Gaston Berger University in Saint-Louis was selected as the African Centre of Excellence in Mathematics, Computer Science, Communication and Information Technology (CEA-MITIC)
univ gaston

The Centre of Excellence in Mathematics, Computer Science and ICT (CEA-MITIC) aims to change the dynamics of access to employment, forming a quality workforce and connecting all applicants and service providers in mathematics, computer science and ICT – fields with strong expertise at Gaston Berger University (GBU). The aim of the CEA-MITIC is to provide a training and research program to produce competent staff to cope with the ever-growing demand for skilled personnel in fields related to ICT (the proliferation of cellular telephones and other media, expanding communication sources etc.)

The Centre will:

  • Provide students with adequate training with top-quality computer labs, electronics labs and telecommunications labs.
  • Allow teacher-researchers to better make use of their expertise in training and research
  • Insert mathematics and ICT into a research/training hub with institutions, research centres, private companies and other relevant partners.

GBU will primarily count on its traditional partners, especially those with a cooperation agreement. As part of CEA-MITIC, the University will focus on partners working in the fields of the centre.

Inria strongly supports this proposal and considers it an excellent opportunity to promote the research partnership model with Africa, which the Institute is attached to. The current project is a benchmark. The skills, level of involvement and concern for technological achievements shown by the project’s promoters in the past have ensured its success and impact. It will surely be a powerful vehicle for training the researchers and highly qualified leaders that Africa needs. In addition, GBU is involved in LIRIMA through a team and GBU will serve as its the headquarters as part of the new agreement (in the process of being renewed).

Inria is one of CEA-MITIC’s partners. As such, the Institute will take part in the Centre of Excellence’s activity, including:

  • representation on the Scientific Council
  • Participation in research projects
  • Hosting CEA Masters and PhD students as interns, e.g. as part of thesis co-supervision.

Inria’s experience in disseminating and optimising research results as well as in technology transfer will also be productively used to support the Centre of Excellence in these fields. CEA-MITIC is coordinated by Professor Moussa LO of the Faculty of Applied Sciences and the Technologies at Gaston Berger University. He is also a member of a LIRIMA team (International Laboratory for Research in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics). LIRIMA plays an important role in the Centre of Excellence through Inria and African partner institutions. Opportunities for exchanges between researchers and Masters and PhD students will grow in this new environment.