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Inria and Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI), a long-term partnership

Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) and Inria have signed a partnership agreement at the festive 70th anniversary of CWI in Amsterdam in 2016. Inria invited CWI to set up an Inria International Lab (IIL) together. The purpose of such Inria International Labs is to fund and develop partnerships and collaborative research with international first-class institutions. Inria regards CWI as being one of the best players in the field internationally and has thus selected the institute as a long-term strategic partner.

CWI and Inria have already collaborated successfully over the past decades, and have gotten to know each other as reliable partners. Both institutes have an excellent reputation. They are both highly valued for the high quality of their research in the field of mathematics and computer science and its relevance for society. By strengthening the cooperation with this partnership agreement, both parties aim to join forces in and intensify their collaboration in the international research arena. By doing so, both partners aim to achieve important scientific results and to acquire joint projects with EU funding.

By signing the agreement, Inria and CWI agreed to structurally invest in specifically chosen common research areas. The focus of the cooperation will initially be on the following, already existing, Joint Research Programmes.

Fiche d'identité du laboratoire :
  • Pays : France, Pays-Bas
  • Date de création : 2016
  • Statut : Laboratoire International Inria
  • Partenaire : CWI, Amsterdam
  • Site de l'IIL

Keywords: Space CWI ERABLE Team Data analytics Machine learning Deep learning Europe