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Internships Programme

The objective is to strengthen Inria's scientific collaborations by taking in and offering research-based training to bright students coming from partner institutions abroad.  The programme allows the intake of foreign students in Inria projects-teams for several months, with a financial support (grant) to cover their living expenses during their stay in France.

The "Internships " programme has grown continuously over the years. There are today over 160 universities or research institutions which have partnered with Inria across the five continents, including some of the most prestigious ones. At each of these 160 partner institutions, there is a local contact responsible for promoting the programme and selecting their students. This network of competencies is further extended with each new partnership with an institution.  This programme allows the intake of students registered in a foreign university who wish to do an internship in France or a research study in an Inria project-team in view of the preparation of a final year project, a Master's degree or a PhD.

xThe internship period is variable:

  • 2 to 4 months for a final year project
  • 3 to 6 months for a research study as part of a Master's degree or a PhD.

There are two recruitment channels for the "Internships" programme: an open call for internships in spring each year and a targeted call during the year to support existing collaborations.

Open call (suspended in 2016)

The Inria project-teams are invited to propose research subjects for internships. These subjects are sent to partner universities and research institutions which circulate them and screen the applications.  The applications selected by the partner institutions are then forwarded, via the European and International Partnership Department (EIPD), to internship Supervisors.  The final selection is approved by the EIPD based on the proposal of these Supervisors.

Targeted call

As part of existing or new collaborations between an Inria team and a foreign team, or to support an Inria international programme, a researcher may propose to take in a Master's or PhD candidate, after selecting the latter with his partner.   These intakes are possible throughout the year within the limit of the available budget.  The French co-supervisor must then submit an application online.

This application must include:

  • the research subject,
  • the presentation of the collaboration (details of how the internship supports a programme:  Associate Team/Inria International Partner  - or an existing collaboration such as an Inria International Lab)
  • the candidate's CV
  • the terms and conditions of financing and of conducting the project for the PhD or Master's degree,
  • a recommendation letter from each supervisor.

The researcher should not only have a candidate but there must also be an "existing collaboration".

See the list of programmes and existing collaborations to which these targeted Internships can be tied.

Inria's approval is mandatory for the selection to be finalised.  This final approval as well as the allocated budget is forwarded by management to the internship Supervisor and the Human Resource Department of the research centre that will take in the student.

Accessing the submission space

Submission page

Any researcher who has taken in an intern under the Internships programme undertakes to return to the EIPD a brief information document based on a template to be provided and which is to be used for monitoring partner institutions, the justification of the programme, and the future of the students.  The intern also undertakes to fill in a document for the International Relations Department at the end of the internship.


Students selected jointly by the Inria project-teams and the European and International Partnership Department will receive a monthly grant from the EIPD, the amount of which is determined by the applicable regulation.

Joint PhDs

Foreign students registered for a joint PhD or under a joint supervision may, in connection with a targeted call for Internship, be entitled to support from the International Relations Department for the stay in France.  However, joint supervisors will endeavour to find other sources of financing before, with the help, where necessary, of the International Relations Department.

Welcoming foreigners

Administrative formalities are required for entering and staying in France

It is important to plan ahead all aspects relating to the intake of foreigners to ensure that students are welcomed under the best possible conditions.  In parallel with actions aimed at facilitating the entry and stay of foreigners, it is important to ensure compliance with the authorisation procedure from the Fonctionnaire Sécurité Défense (FSD), Defence and Security Official.  This procedure must be undertaken two months before the actual date of arrival or the date of opening of the foreigner's computer account


The approval of the Defence and Security Official and Visa is required.