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Inria AIST Partnership

In 2019, Inria signed a 4-year Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Information Technology and Human Factors of the National Institute for Advanced Science and Industrial Science and Technology-AIST, which hosts 8 research centers, including the Artificial Intelligence Research Center (AIRC).
This agreement aims to strengthen the Inria-AIST cooperation, particularly in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics.
The signatories are committed to developing scientific exchanges and building joint research projects in topics of mutual interest, including artificial intelligence in its broad definition.

Japanese-French Laboratory for Informatics (JFLI)

The Japanese-French Laboratory for Informatics (JFLI) was created in 2012, and is located in Tokyo. On the basis of existing scientific cooperation between Japan and France, 5 topics were selected for their potential for fruitful collaborative research:

›          Next Generation Internet

›          Grid Computing and High Performance Computing

›          Software, Programming Models and Formal Methods:

›          Virtual Reality and Multimedia

›          Quantum Computing

Inria is a partner of this UMI (International Joint Unit) of the CNRS since 2012.

Profil of JFLI
  • Country: France, Japan
  • Date of creation: 2012 renewed in 2016 for 4 years
  • Status: International Joint Unit in partnership with the CNRS
  • JFLI website

Inria-JSPS Collaboration: AYAME Programme

Inria has a partnership agreement with the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) which supports calls for joint projects "AYAME".
The selection of projects is thus included in Inria's Associate Teams programme.

Inria - NII Partnership

As long-standing partners, Inria and the National Institute of Informatics-NII have a partnership agreement under which they collaborate on targeted subjects relating to Big data, new software methodologies and speech processing.
Inria also participates in the annual NII International Internship Programme.

Inria-NICT Collaboration

Inria collaborates with the le National Institute for Information and Communications –NICT, particularly on cybersecurity and new generation grids. The renewal agreement, signed in 2019 for a period of four years, is part of a desire to expand the themes of collaboration, in particular in robotics and quantum computing.


Inria-NUS Collaboration

A MoU was signed in 2018 between the National University of Singapore (NUS) as operator of  AI Singapore and Inria, CNRS and INSERM.

It aims to promote the development of joint activities in artificial intelligence and smart digital technologies.

The areas of cooperation are:

a.         AI in Healthcare

b.         Explainable AI

c.         Federated and Distributed Learning

d.         Natural Language Processing

e.         Privacy, Trust & Accountability in AI and Data Sharing


IFCAM (Indo-French Centre for Applied Mathematics) is a Franco-Indian centre created by the Indian Ministry of Science and Technology and several French partners: CNRS, Ecole Polytechnique, Ecole normale supérieure, University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis, University of Toulouse III-Paul Sabatier and Inria. Its objective is to offer researchers a platform for exchange and collaboration on projects relating to partial differential equations, control theory, scientific calculation, statistical physics, dynamic systems, mathematical biology and the modelling of large grids.
Each year, IFCAM launches a call for projects to fund mobility for researchers.

Profil of IFCAM
  • Country: France, India
  • Date of creation: 2012
  • Status: International Joint Unit in partnership with the CNRS
  • IFCAM website

Inria- CNRS- DST/CEFIPRA Collaboration: Joint targeted programme in ICST

Inria, the CNRS and the DST have entered into a partnership agreement to support high level Franco-Indian collaborations. It allows the co-financing of research projects and the selection of projects is included in Inria's Associate Teams programme.
This programme is managed by IFCPAR (Indo-French Centre for the Promotion of Advance Research).


Inria-Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST-Taiwan) Collaboration

Inria is a partner of MOST-Taiwan. An agreement for scientific cooperation has been signed between these two institutions in 2016 for a duration of 5 years for the promotion of collaboration and exchange of researchers and students. The selection of projects is included in Inria's Associate Teams programme.