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Working together with the best research teams in the world

Our mission is to foster institutional, scientific and industrial relations developed with partner organisations in Europe and throughout the world. In particular, this means offering the opportunity to Inria research teams to be able to work with the best researchers in their field and to attract and recruit promising students and young researchers in order that, together, we can address the challenges of the digital sciences. This strategy must enable a strengthening of the institute's scientific potential, but also contribute to increasing its standing and visibility.

Strategic partnerships

Strengthen the impact of our collaborations

Inria uses co-funding instruments such as the Inria International Labs and the Associate Teams in order to increase its visibility and impact.

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Attractiveness & mobility

Encourage and facilitate exchanges

Attractiveness for the best scientists coming from all backgrounds remains at the heart of Inria policy. With very strong international competition, increasing the capacity to welcome and/or recruit particularly brilliant researchers, engineers and students wishing to participate in original projects is a fundamental advantage.

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Europe, a strategic priority

Inria intends to give new impetus to its European commitment through the establishment of privileged relationsihps with major actors in order to better coordinate and increase the impact of national and European research programmes.

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Ambitious partnerships in the face of societal challenges

Rich in scientific excellence opportunities, Inria is strengthing and structuring quality partnerships in research, technology and transfer on the American continent.

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Africa & Middle East

The rewarded dynamism of collaboration

Over the years, close relations between researchers from Inria, the Maghreb and Sub-Saharan Africa have been created, thereby also contributing to the emergence of a community of computer engineers and mathematicians in Africa and to its structuring into a network.

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Asia, Oceania & Russia

Ambitious opportunities for competitive research

Asia is impressive due to the diversity of the research development of its countries and the rapid evolution of digital sciences. These are the characteristics of a region in which Inria is making relations with high-potential countries a reality.

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