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Horizon 2020

VESSEDIA: safety new software connected applications & devices

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The VESSEDIA project, selected within the frame of the call 2016 on Digital Security under the framework-programme Horizon 2020, and coordinated by Technikon (Austria),  will bring safety and security to many new software connected applications and devices

VESSEDIA proposes to enhance and scale up modern software analysis tools, namely the mostly open-source Frama-C Analysis platform, to allow developers to benefit rapidly fromthem when developing connected applications. At the forefront of connected applications is the IoT, whose growth is exponential and whose security risks are real.

VESSEDIA will take this domain as a target, and tackle this challenge by:

  • developing a methodology that allows to adopt and use source code analysis tools efficiently,
  • enhancing the Frama-C toolbox to enable efficient and fast implementation,
  • demonstrating the new toolbox capabilities on typical IoT applications including the Contiki OS,
  • developing a standardisation plan for generalising the use of the toolbox,
  • contributing to the Common Criteria certification process,
  • defining a label “Verified in Europe” for validating software products with European technologies such as Frama-C.

The project-team FUN - Lille - Nord Europe Inria Research Center (Nathalie Mitton) is involved in this project.

Keywords: Standardisation Source code IoT Digital security