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A wonderful opportunity for Inria

Inria aims to have a strong presence in the Horizon 2020 framework programme, whose issues and priorities have distinctly evolved compared to those of the FP7.

The Inria teams are particularly mobilised with regard to the "Scientific excellence" pillar, as well as the ICT part of the programme and certain societal challenges where the digital component plays a major role (health, security, energy, transport,...).

In order to guarantee this strong implication, Inria has intensified its presence in European technological platforms and in public-private partnerships within which project proposals are being prepared.

Inria is also intended to build upon targeted partnerships in Europe in order to better coordinate or strengthen some of its research activities or focuses in computer sciences, at the national or European level.

Marie-Hélène Pautrat , Deputy Director of European and International Partnerships

Horizon 2020

European research and innovation programmes

Inria is dedicating itself to the new Horizon 2020 programme through its participation in numerous projects.

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ERC bloc

Europe encourages scientific excellence

Each year the European Research Council rewards researchers with innovative ideas.



Knowledge and Innovation Communities

The Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) provide teams with a real opportunity to take part in projects that lead to the dissemination of research in the form of products or services, training programmes and even company creation.

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