Dilepix start-up, laureate of the i-Lab 2018 competition

Publish on 22/01/2020
The i-Lab , a national competition for the creation of innovative technology companies created by the Ministry of Research just 20 years ago, announced on Thursday, July 5th the 64 winners of the 2018 edition. On of them: the start-up DILEPIX, issue and accompanied by Inria Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique research centre.

The i-Lab competition has a twofold objective: to detect and promote business creation projects based on innovative technologies and to promote the transfer of research results to the socio-economic world. In 20 years, the i-Lab competition has established itself as a benchmark in the world of innovation and a true accelerator of growth for tech-intensive start-ups - so-called deep tech. The competition makes it possible to detect and bring out business creation projects that will help meet the major societal challenges of our time. The winners receive a grant of up to 450,000 euros and receive a valuable label for fundraising.

Dilepix , start-up from Inria et i-Lab 2018 laureate

© Inra / Photo G. Scagnelli

The challenges posed by the sustainable management of natural resources, environmental regulations and the requirement of traceability from fork to fork, lead farmers to use new technologies (sensors, drones, self-guided tractors, agricultural robots) in the piloting their farms. The solutions developed by Dilepix revolve around the automation and control of equipment and agricultural robots by vision. Its algorithms doped with artificial intelligence allow thanks to a flow of images taken by a fixed or moving sensor, to accurately detect and locate agricultural threats (insect pests, diseases, weeds) and opportunities (appearance of flowers, of fruits). The ultimate goal is to map and / or act in real time on these threats and opportunities. Dilepix plans to deploy quickly in France, before tackling the European market. Dilepix was born in March 2018 from a transfer of technology from Inria Rennes-Bretagne-Atlantique.