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Marie Blanchard - 8/03/2015

Portrait of Anthea Mayzaud, PhD student

Anthéa Mayzaud

Anthea Mayzaud is a PhD student in the Madynes team; curious by nature, she came to computer science by chance.

What pushed you towards research in computer science or mathematics? And what excites you the most about your profession?

Curious by nature, I have always loved the sciences. But I must admit that, if I have reached this stage, it is in part due to chance and a combination of factors. I think that my journey and my choices have been punctuated by meetings and opportunities that I was able to seize. It was during my studies that mathematics brought me to computer science. And the reason I chose to get involved in research was above all my taste for the intellectual approach that it implies.

What I like the most about my profession is that I get to study innovative subjects and research solutions to new problems. Being a researcher is a little like being a pioneer in one's field. Computer science research is particularly interesting because it is both concrete and it brings major innovations that will concern us all sooner or later.     

Why do you think there are so few women in this field, and what would you say to encourage them to get involved in digital technology?

I think that computer science suffers from a bad image in general. Moreover, there are few women in the sciences, even though, paradoxically, they get better results (at school for example).  

One of the other worries is that we don't realise when we are young just how vast digital technology professions are, and that it is not just a question of programming all day long - there is a tremendous number of jobs in consulting, project management, etc.

I would say that in order to encourage other women down this path, they must above all study things that they are interested in, not let other people decide for them, and be bold. In addition, it is a sector for the future, bringing jobs and career development. It is not a disadvantage to be a woman in the world of digital technology, quite the opposite - I'm speaking from experience.

We need to dare to break down prejudices.

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