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Marie Blanchard - 8/03/2015

Portrait of Monique Teillaud

Monique Teillaud

Monique Teillaud is an INRIA director of research. She worked for many years at the Sophia-Antipolis research centre, and since 2014 she has been with the VEGAS team in Nancy.

Passionate about mathematics, she encountered several strokes of "luck" during her professional career that made her want to get into computer science.  

Monique Teillaud affirms that "you can't get bored in research." In her job, she particularly appreciates the variety of tasks, from theory to practice (mathematics, algorithms, programming) and the renewal of subjects.

Furthermore, computer science research is useful in numerous areas, such as bioinformatics, physics and astronomy. Thanks to the profession of researcher, encounters are as varied as they are interesting.

When we broach the issue of the lack of women in computer science research, Monique Teillaud replies that it is an extremely complicated matter.

However she invites all girls and women interested in these professions to visit research institutes or laboratories in order to discover that these jobs are not only for "nerds" and that they are totally compatible with a balanced social life.

She adds that mathematics and computer science are not an indivisible whole, and that there are many subjects to explore and love. Moreover, she points out that maths teaching does not sufficiently promote the "beauty" of this field.

Finally, she reminds us that girls are just as capable as their male colleagues of having a career in scientific research.

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