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Interview with Betty Lemaire-Semail

"A leverage for our collaboration in China"

Betty Lemaire-Semail is a researcher in the MINT project team and and contributed to the Associate Team ‘Interaction’ with Beihang University and the Sino-French Lab for Computer Science, Automation and Applied Mathematics  LIAMA in China.

Can you describe the project for us?

Betty Lemaire-Semail: We set it up in January 2007 with Beihang University (Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics) and LIAMA (Sino French Lab in Computer Science, Automation and Applied Mathematics). Christophe Chaillou coordinates the partnership, Stéphane Cotin and I are involved. We were all from the Alcove project team, which split since into two teams (Mint and Shaman). We are working on human representation combining the virtual environment of avatars and the use of video, and also on developing realistic medical simulation software, and on coupling force and tactile feedback, which is what I am focusing on.

What is the benefit of the Associate Team for your own work?

Betty Lemaire-Semail: Our colleagues from Beihang University are specialists in force feedback devices. They use cable technology to recreate the rigidity and stiffness of a force on an object. Inria devices, meanwhile, recreate tactile sensations on the fingertips. Combining these two functionalities will enable us to emulate a realistic sense of touch. We would be able for example to virtually feel the surface of painting canvasses in a museum.

What types of exchanges are planned between team members?

Betty Lemaire-Semail: We have a joint PhD student with professor Yuru Zhang from Beihang: Yi Yang is dividing his time between China and France. He has joined the Associate Team which helps financing his travels.

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