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Celebrating thirty years of creating start-ups, Inria invites you to meet some of those who have built these businesses, and to discover the stories of their adventures as entrepreneurs, and the colleagues and partners who have helped them along the way. Follow their stories of success as they unfold across the coming months. The chief executives of Inria start-ups, all originally researchers or engineers, tell the stories of their leap into the unknown world of entrepreneurship.

Portrait Benoit Georis Benoit Georis, co-fondateur de Keeneo - © Inria / photo G. Scagnelli

Startup – Keeneo

Benoit Georis, co-founder: "Investing on all fronts"

Benoît Georis is co-founder of Keeneo, an Inria startup founded in 2005 which developed an intelligent video surveillance software solution (intrusion detection) intended for large companies and designed to protect their site perimeters. The company was bought in 2011 by Digital Barriers, which still markets the product. Benoît Georis tells us about the development of Keeneo.



David Loureiro

Start-up - SysFera

David Loureiro: "It all began with a meeting"

SysFera is a software publishing company originating from Inria, created by David Loureiro, Frédéric Desprez, Eddy Caron and IT-Translation in 2010. It enables large companies and computing centres to respond to problems encountered in the management of their IT installations.


Portrait de Stéphane Donikian

Start-up - Golaem

Stéphane Donikian: "I wanted our research to be used for the benefit of society"

Created in 2008 by Stéphane Donikian, Golaem has established itself in the industrial sector, and for several years now has been involved in series such as Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead .


Portrait Chahab Nastar

Start-up - LTU Technologies

A real public service mission to serve society as a whole

Founded by Chahab Nastar, Sébastien Gilles and Alexandre Winter in 1999, LTU Technologies has, in the space of a few years, acquired an international reputation in the field of image recognition. It was bought by Japanese company JASTEC in 2005.


Start-up - Cryptosense

Interview with Graham Steel

Patrick Philipon - Technoscope - 31/07/2013

A virtual hacker, much quicker, more persistent and more methodical than real-life ones: that is what Cryptosense is proposing for the security testing of data encryption systems. Once an aircraft manufacturer and a bank had expressed interest in the product, the adventure could begin in earnest. Graham Steel, the company's Chairman, tells us its story. 




Start-up - Therapixel

Joint interview with Olivier Clatz and Pierre Fillard

Patrick Philipon - Technoscope - 30/07/2013

Therapixel, a start-up based on Inria research, offers a device that can be used to view data and images without touching a screen or keyboard. This solution is eagerly awaited by surgeons, who cannot afford to make the slightest contact with unsterilised items in the operating theatre. We spoke to the company's Technical Director, Pierre Fillard, and its Chairman, Olivier Clatz.



Start-up - OCamlPro

Interview with Fabrice Le Fessant


OCamlPro offers services and tools to enable the rapid development of high quality software. Its expertise in OCaml empowers this start-up to develop its activity in all areas where code correction, high availability and security are of major importance. The OCaml programming language, distributed as free software by Inria, is the fruit of 25 years of research and development.

Fabrice Le Fessant, one of the founders of OCamlPro and scientific advisor to the company, spoke to us about its creation...