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Inria-Industry meetings

The aeronautical and space industries - Part 2

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In partnership with the global competitiveness cluster Aerospace Valley, Inria held the second round of the Inria-Industry Meetings on 17 May 2010 in Toulouse on the theme "Modelling and safe systems". This one-day event followed the first meeting entitled "Modelling & digital simulation", which took place on January 26 in Bordeaux.

The event provided an opportunity for industry contacts to speak directly with researchers. In addition to presenting the Institute's latest work, this event provided a fantastic opportunity for industrial partners to identify the new technologies that, in the future, will be at the heart of their production process, while the researchers were able to gain a better insight into market issues and industry requirements.

It featured work by Inria and its industrial partners (in the form of interactive demonstrations) in the fields of:

  • Embedded systems.
  • Program proving and verification.
  • 3D indexing optimisation.

Alongside these demonstrations, conferences were held on the topics of:

  • Open-source software
  • Real-time embedded systems.
  • Software reliability.

The event took place prior to the ERTSS 2010 (Embedded Real Time Software and Systems) European congress.