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Use of the Inria logo on a partner website

Are you one of Inria's industrial or academic partners? Do you wish to use our logo on your website? We invite you to download our logo and its various versions in the most common formats (.png, .jpg and .psd).

Integration rules

The institutional version of the Inria logo (logo + signature "Inventors for the digital world") is to be used as a priority.

To include our logo on your website:

  • Consult the guide to using the logo on the Internet,
  • Maintain a white margin around the logo so that it remains clearly legible,
  • When technical constraints oblige to reduce the size of the logo, use a logo without signature rather than a non legible signature,
  • Please create a link from the logo image to our website:

Logos for download

The "Colour" version is only to be used on a white background.

The "Black" version is to be used on a light background.

The "White" version is to be used on a dark background.

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