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Charter for use of the Inria logo by our partners

Inria has changed its graphic identity and the visual codes that accompany it. Are you one of Inria's industrial or academic partners? Are you conducting an action in partnership with Inria? Do you wish to include our logo on your printed presentations and/or your website? Find all the rules for using our logo in the two guides available to download.


In order to assert its identity, Inria has its own font. It consists of a family of two typographical characters "Inria Sans" and "Inria Serif". Inria fonts can be used online by following these URLs:

General logo use scenarios

"Institutional" logo

This is Inria's reference signature. It is intended for the Institute's institutional and public communication. It is made up of two inseparable elements: the name "Inria" and the signature "Inventors for the digital world".

Note:  to guarantee optimum recognition and legibility, the colour logotype on a white background must be used as a priority, maintaining a white margin all around the logo. This margin is already provided in the logos available to download. Please do not reframe the logo.

Special cases

"Scientific" logo

This is an additional logo developed for communication intended exclusively for the scientific community. It places the emphasis on Inria's fields of activity. It is made up of two inseparable elements: the name "Inria" and the words "informatics/mathematics". This logo must never include the signature "Inventors for the digital world".

Black & white logos

When technical constraints impose a background colour other than white, a monochrome version of the logotype can be used. The black logo is to be used on light backgrounds and the white logo on dark backgrounds.


Logo alone without signature

When space or size constraints prevent the signature from being legible, the version of the logo alone without signature can be used. For all use of this version, please contact us at


The logotype must not be modified under any circumstances. It is forbidden to modify the proportions of the elements, deform the logotype, modify the boldness of the signature, modify the layouts of the elements or colours, add elements to the logotype or place the colour logo on a coloured background.

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