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Géraldine Pichot (Serena) : Subsurface media : modeling and numerical simulation.

Various applications are encountered in the subsurface since it contains interesting natural resources: groundwater, fossil fuels or heat.  The natural capacity of confinement of the underground is also used for waste storage.

How to combine such various activities in a sustainable way? Numerical simulation is a mean to answer to this question, especially when predictions are required over large time and space scales, inaccessible by experiments.

Our presentation will emphasize that the numerical simulation in subsurface media has several challenges:

  •        Coupled physical, chemical, thermal and mechanical processes are encountered
  •        Subsurface media are not imaged precisely
  •        Subsurface media contain fractures and faults whose lengths may span from a few centimeters to several kilometers

We will give the example of the numerical simulation of a fluid flow in a granite rock.

Keywords: Serena Milieux souterrains Modélisation Simulation Numérique