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At the Imaginarium in Tourcoing on 25 November -

Interaction with digital objects and services

A new Inria-Industry Meeting will take place at the Imaginarium in Tourcoing on 25 November 2016 on the theme of interaction with digital objects and services. The event is organised in partnership with  Plaine Images and CVSTENE as part of the Hauts de France region’s “Research and Innovation Week”.

We make increasing use of digital objects and services, whether directly or indirectly, both in our personal and professional lives. The vehicles in which we travel, domestic appliances, the production tools we use, so many of the objects that we carry around with us or transport are equipped with embedded computer systems. Many specialised professional skills and leisure activities now rely on software applications.

Digital objects and services must of course meet high technical standards, but they must also be practical and suited to their intended use. The research carried out by Inria and its partners in this field focuses on original ideas, basic knowledge and the tools required to provide inspiration and guidance to design new interfaces, new interactions and new user experiences.

The purpose of this one-day event is to present issues and current trends and give businesses a chance to try out the latest innovations relating to these topics.

Programme and registration pending.

Inria-Industry Meetings

For twenty years, Inria has organised “Inria-Industry Meetings” during which it showcases its research and technology transfer activities to companies in a given sector.

The aim of these one-day meetings is to promote Inria's work and learn more about the requirements of industry in order to forge ties between the two communities in the hope of opening up new collaboration or technology transfer projects. 
The day is organised around demonstrations relevant to the sector in question carried out by Inria’s teams and those of SMEs partnered or started up by Inria, and ends with themed lectures.

The meetings are organised in partnership with competitiveness clusters in the chosen sector, in which Inria plays a key role, and target companies in the sector, particularly innovative small and medium-sized enterprises.

Keywords: CVSTENE Plaine Images Rencontre Inria - Industrie Inria Lille - Nord Europe Semaine de la recherche et de l'innovation Interaction Homme-Machine (IHM)