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Non-A in issue #97 of the journal ERCIM News


The journal ERCIM News  dedicates its 97th issue to Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). Two researchers of Inria Lille - Nord Europe center published an article in this issue.


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© Inria / Photo C. Dupont

Partnership - Europe

Inria North-European Labs


An associate team is a joint research project created between an Inria project-team and a research team located abroad. This year, 4 teams from Lille were selected to be part of Inria North-European Labs collaborative projects.


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NEXTLEAP : Next Generation generation data security

After working on the WebCrypto Working Group at W3C/MIT , Harry Halpin joined the Prosecco team at INRIA Paris in January 2016. He coordinates the European NEXTLEAP project and its multi-disciplinary team.Its goal is to develop the securitymessagingprotocols of tomorrow for messaging and identity applications.


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European research careers

Discover some European research careers of men and women who are members or former members of our research teams here at Inria Lille – Nord Europe, and the wealth of human and scientific experience they have gained.

Studies in Denmark, a post-doc inLuxembourg, founding a startup inGermany, a permanent position inFranceorSweden... You can also learn about the support services provided to assist our researchers in organizing funding for European projects.


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Meeting with Marc Shapiro about his European project SyncFree


Marc Shapiro is a computer scientist in the field of distributed systems, working in the Regal project team, born of a synergy between Inria Paris and LIP6. He tells us about his work.


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ERC 2016

6 Inria researchers awarded ERC 2016

AB - 3/11/2016

The ERC Starting Grants is aimed at young scientists (two to seven years after the thesis) : five Inria researchers awarded in 2016 this grant which enable them to build up a research team around an original theme. Discover our successful applicants.


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Benoit Baudry, head of DIVERSE team

Project - Europe

Bringing Automated Test Generation to DevOps

Jean-Michel Prima - 1/12/2016

A powerful software development methodology, DevOps has become a very popular tool in the US for it greatly helps web giants to deliver more frequent updates. True enough, Europe hasn't catch up yet. Coordinated by Inria, STAMP is a consortium whose aim is to provide a critical missing piece to this methodology. To wit: an automated test generation tool that would make DevOps less risky and incidentally more palatable to European companies. This projet has just been selected as part of the EU H2020 call for proposals ICT-10-2016 ‘Software Technologies’.


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Francis Bach - © Inria / photo C. Morel

European Research Council 2016

Francis Bach, winner of a 2016 ERC Consolidator Grant


Francis Bach, leader of the Sierra project-team at Inria's Paris centre has just been awarded a 2016 European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator Grant. His speciality? Machine learning. On the frontiers of mathematics, computer science and statistics, it optimizes the processing of big data.


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(CC BY 2.0) Moises Terrero

Europe & International

A research center open to the world


"Making Inria a major actor in the European research arena whilst confirming its international influence"; such is the institute's objective, with the aim of giving greater coherence and synergies to our actions within the areas of European and international research.


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European project

Proxima: towards safer processors


The European research programme Proxima mobilised tens of researchers from specialised centres (Inria, Barcelona Supercomputing Center) and university (Padova, York) or industrial (Rapita Systems, Airbus) laboratories. It has enabled an improvement in the predictability of the processors that have to ensure the real-time operation of programs.  


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