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Statistical sciences

Statistics in the spotlight for a week

Magalie Quet (*) - 30/05/2018

This year, the fiftieth edition of the Statistics Days is being held from Monday 28 May to Friday 1 June.The EDF Lab Paris-Saclay will host nearly 450 French and international scientists, present 16 lectures and 63 parallel sessions (including 18 special sessions), clocking up nearly 100 hours of statistics in five days!This year's edition, under the scientific leadership of Francis Bach, researcher in the Sierra team at Inria's Paris centre, is organised by Christian Derquenne, senior researcher at EDF R&D, and Pascal Massart, professor at the Université Paris-Sud.They tell us more about this event, dedicated entirely to statistics.


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Laurence Calzone

Colloquium Jacques Morgenstern

Colloquium J. Mrgenstern : Laurence Calzone


Laurence Calzone, research scientist at Institut Curie, will present on 13 june 2019: "Cancer network modelling: towards personalised medicine".

Place : Inria, Sophia Antipolis, Amphithéâtre, Bâtiment Kahn

Guest(s) : Laurence Calzone (Institut Curie)


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Colloquium Jacques Morgenstern

Colloquium : CoNeCo: Concurrency, Networks and Coinduction


Alexandra Silva, currently Professor of Algebra, Semantics and Computation at University College London will present, on 16 may 2019 "CoNeCo: Concurrency, Networks and Coinduction" on the next colloquium J. Morgenstern.

Place : Inria, Sophia Antipolis, Amphithéâtre, Kahn Building

Guest(s) : Alexandra Silva (University College London)


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© INRIA Sophie Auvin - P comme Protocole

Research Teams Seminar

Prosecco Seminar


For performance and security reasons, it is sometimes necessary to program at the lowest levels of abstraction, using a mixture of C and assembly. In this talk, we present techniques that allow verifying such code for correctness and side-channel resistance.

Place : Wednesday, October 9th, 11am ✫ Room Jacques-Louis Lions 2

Guest(s) : Nik Swamy (MSR) and Aymeric Fromherz (CMU)


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Yuliya Tarabalka Yuliya Tarabalka - Inria - Gilles Scagnelli

Satellite images

Yuliya Tarabalka, ANR JCJC award recipient

Dominique Fidel - 16/02/2018

Yuliya Tarabalka, a researcher with the Titane team at the Inria Sophia Antipolis-Méditerranée centre, is the winner of the ANR JCJC (French National Research Agency's Young Researchers) grant. Her project for a compact and generic representation of satellite images opens the door to numerous applications. 


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Open Access

Inaugural lecture by Nicholas Ayache at the Collège de France

Service Communication et Médiation - 22/01/2016

Nicholas Ayache gave an inaugural lecture in June 2014 at the Collège de France, on the subject of computational medical imaging. Read the text of his presentation, entitled "From Medical Images to the Digital Patient," now available in Open access on the Collège de France website.


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DeepSpa Télé-médecine


DeepSpa : A European consortium for telemedicine


Being able to make an early diagnosis is essential when it comes to treating cognitive disorders. However, obtaining such a diagnosis can often be difficult for people living in rural areas. The telemedicine tool being developed by a European consortium coordinated by Inria aims to address this situation by facilitating access to healthcare professionals for isolated patients. The new interface will be tested by the end of the summer at the Digne-les-Bains health centre


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Josiane Zerubia and Rachid Deriche appointed EURASIP Fellow 2019


Josiane Zerubia and Rachid Deriche, INRIA research directors, have just been appointed EURASIP Fellow 2019.

The awards will be officially presented at the opening and award ceremony at EUSIPCO 2019, to be held in A Coruña, Spain, from 2 to 6 September 2019.


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Honorary Doctor Anne Canteaut @University of Bergen


Anne Canteaut nominated Honorary Doctor at the University of Bergen, Norway.


Since 1951 the University of Bergen, Norway, has been nominating Honorary Doctors, the highest honor the University can award to people not employed at the University but that have distinguished themselves with their outstanding work in a particular field.

On October 15th 2019, Anne Canteaut, Research Director at Inria and head of the project-team SECRET had the honor of being nominated.


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Book "Your brain is a super-hero" Anatole Lécuyer


"Your brain is a superhero", a book by Anatole Lécuyer

Jean-Michel Prima - 21/10/2019

How do you make someone believe they’re living in a virtual world? That's the question Anatole Lécuyer, a researcher at the Inria Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique centre, set out to find an answer to. Lécuyer has just published a general-interest book in which he discusses his rather strange job as an illusionist and the equally surprising properties of our brains.


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