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© Florence Bertails-Descoubes

European Research Council 2014

Florence Bertails-Descoubes: From a real object to its virtual avatar

Martin Bellet / Citizen Press - 12/12/2014

For the experts in computer animation, simulating the movement of hair and clothing in the most realistic way possible is a more complex problem than it first appears. The work carried out by Florence Bertails-Descoubes in the inverse modelling of irregular dynamic systems could just be the solution they are looking for. She has recently been awarded a Starting Grant by the European Research Council (ERC).


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Axel Hutt

European Research Council 2010

Axel Hutt: a physicist peeks inside the human brain

Cécile Michaut - Technoscope - 4/11/2010

This year,  eight ERC grant winners are leaders or members of Inria teams. In the "starting grants" category, Axel Hutt (Cortex, Nancy), Paola Goatin (Opale, Sophia Antipolis), Pierre Alliez (Geometrica, Sophia Antipolis), Kartikeyan Bhargavan (Moscova, Rocquencourt), Véronique Cortier (Cassis, Nancy) and Nikos Paragios (Galen, Saclay) have received funding to form research teams. In the "advanced grants" category, Jean Ponce (Willow, Rocquencourt) and André Seznec (Alf, Rennes) are among the lucky winners and have chosen Inria as their host research institution. At a time when candidates are already submitting proposals for 2011, the 2010 winners are reminded of the road they have covered so far. This week, we will look at the work of Axel Hutt.


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Romania & Luxembourg


Emilia Tantar, who comes from Romania, currently lives in Luxembourg after spending three years in France as a member of the Dolphin project team at Inria Lille-Nord Europe: an international journey that has, in no particular order, given her an interest in business, a liking for mussels and fries and a good knowledge of European languages.


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Sylvain Lefebvre Sylvain Lefebvre / 3 D printer - ©Inria / H. Raguet

European Research Council 2015

IceSL obtains an ERC Proof of Concept grant

Marine Loyen - 11/01/2016

After 4 years of work, Sylvain Lefebvre and his Shapeforge project have obtained a European Research Council grant to launch the pre-market phase of the IceSL software. The software is designed to simplify object modelling with a view to 3D printing.


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Partnership - Europe

EIT ICT Labs wins prestigious European race for excellence in innovation


Turn Europe into the global leader in ICT innovation - this is the mission for the new Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) just selected in tough competition by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). The EIT is a new organisation recently launched by the EU targeting European competitiveness through better integration across the so-called “knowledge triangle” of higher education, research and innovation. By highlighting the Future Information Society, the EIT recognizes the fact that 80 % of new developments in the key economic sectors of Europe are based on ICT.


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(CC-BY-2) Giuseppe Milo


Inria Lille at the crossroads between Europe, research and innovation


Since its inception Inria Lille - Nord Europe center is part of an international and european dynamic which aims at contributing to the scientific excellence of research and innovation europeans programs. Scientific collaborations within the European Research area create a unique knowledge market of research and innovation.


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Jasmin Blanchette Jasmin Blanchette - Inria Nancy - Grand Est

ERC Starting Grants 2016

Jasmin Blanchette awarded an ERC grant for his Matryoshka project

C.Beri - 8/09/2016

Jasmin Blanchette, a researcher on the VeriDis project team, based at Nancy and Saarbrücken, has won an ERC Starting Grant (StG) for his Matryoshka project. Success at his first attempt, which we look at in a good-humoured interview flavoured with a touch of poetry…   


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Inria International Labs - Europe

Inria and Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI), a long-term partnership


Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) and Inria have signed a partnership agreement at the festive 70th anniversary of CWI in Amsterdam in 2016. Inria invited CWI to set up an Inria International Lab (IIL) together. The purpose of such Inria International Labs is to fund and develop partnerships and collaborative research with international first-class institutions. Inria regards CWI as being one of the best players in the field internationally and has thus selected the institute as a long-term strategic partner.


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© Inria / Photo C. Lebedinsky

Northern European Associate Teams

New research synergies between Lille and northern Europe


Since 2002, Inria has funded an “Associate Team” programme to strengthen collaboration between Inria project teams and cutting-edge research teams around the world. Recently, the three project teams in Lille, Shacra and Rmod created new Associate Teams with research teams in northern Europe.


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Fun and Smart Cities in issue #98 of ERCIM News


The journal ERCIM News  dedicates its 98th issue to Smart Cities. In this issue, Inria Lille - Nord Europe Fun team published an article, and another is devoted to the project CityLab@Inria in which Fun is involved.


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