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Benoît Baudry, project-team Triskell © J-M. Prima Benoît Baudry - © J-M. Prima

Research - Software engineering

Models for professional software

Jean-Michel Prima - 20/11/2010

Model engineering aims to develop abstractions in order to design software more easily. The long march towards standardisation has begun, but the edges of this field still remain to be explored, as explained by Benoît Baudry, Inria researcher within the TRISKELL project-team.


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Charles Prud'homme


A constraint solver in Java

Jean-Michel Prima - 1/09/2016

A Java library for the modelling and solving of mathematical problems based on constraint programming (CP), Choco has become one of the most effective open source tools in its field. Charles Prud'homme, who is jointly in charge of development and a research engineer with the Tasc team in Nantes, looks back at the reasons behind this success and explains the appeal of such a solver for industry.


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Code © Inria / Photo Kaksonen


Hunting viruses in binary code

Jean-Michel Prima - 24/06/2014

A few malicious instructions concealed in the code of a software application are all it takes to compromise the security of an information system. At the Inria Rennes-Bretagne Atlantique centre, a team of research scientists is studying how formal procedures can be used to analyse binary code to make it more legible and thus simplify the detection of malicious programs that might be lurking within. This work is being carried out in partnership with the DGA Maîtrise de l’information facility (French Defence Procurement Agency Information Security and Control) in Rennes, France.


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Conférence fOSSa 2015

Event - Openness

fOSSa 2015 in Nantes

Jean-Michel Prima - 7/09/2015

Created by Inria, fOSSa is a conference where scientists present the latest open source developments. The seventh edition takes place in Nantes from 23 to 25 September 2015. As explained by its co-ordinator, Stéphane Ribas, the event provides an opportunity to get a preview of the latest trends coming out of a flourishing ecosystem.


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Jean-Louis Lanet


LHS: A high security laboratory in Rennes

Jean-Michel Prima - 2/03/2015

Eleven research organisations signed an agreement with the French Ministry of Defence and the Brittany Region on the 12 December last year with the aim of setting up a facility to carry out research into cyber defence. This agreement followed in the wake of the Cyber Defence Pact that designated Brittany as a Cyber Centre of Excellence. One of the facilities contributing to this Centre of Excellence is the LHS high security laboratory, funded jointly by Inria, Supelec, the French defence procurement agency (DGA) and the Brittany Region. Technology transfer will form an important part of the work of the laboratory as Jean-Louis Lanet, the scientist in charge of the project, explains.


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Nicolas Tabareau

European Research Council 2014

Democratizing Proof Assistants

Jean-Michel Prima - 10/02/2015

Proving theorem and software correctness are the two raisons d'être of proof assistants. Coq, the result of a 25-year project driven by Inria, has become a preeminent tool in this domain. Yet, a recent breakthrough in mathematics by Fields medal Vladimir Voevosdky has opened the door to a huge improvement of formal verification. Inria scientist Nicolas Tabareau is being granted funding by the European Research Council (ERC) in order to explore how this finding could indeed pave the way to a novel and much enhanced version of Coq. As he explains, this work is expected to have a very strong impact and spread the use of this proof assistant across the industry.


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Tennis et numérique © C.Martin

Research - Sport

Optimizing Tennis Serve

Jean-Michel Prima - 23/05/2016

Biomechanical analysis of high-level athletes can help not only to enhance their performance but also to prevent injuries. In Rennes, Brittany, France, members of the MimeTIC research team have started a partnership with the French Tennis Federation with aim of improving service technique among young hopefuls.


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Jean-Louis Lanet et Francis Chamberot


OT and Inria, partners in countering mobile cyber-attacks

Jean-Michel Prima - 25/08/2016

OT (Oberthur Technologies), one of the world leaders in embedded software products, solutions and services, is beginning a collaboration in the field of Research & Development with the High-Security Laboratory (LHS) created at the Inria Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique research centre as part of the Cyber Cluster of Excellence (PEC). One of the main lines of this partnership concerns test tools for mobile payment applications. Another issue looms over the longer term: being ready to counter the security attacks of tomorrow.


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Hervé Jegou, chercheur Inria

European Research Council 2013

Visual recognition made super scalable

Jean-Michel Prima - 13/11/2013

Freshly granted funding by the European Research Council (ERC), Inria scientist Hervé Jégou is to start a new project meant to explore methodologies that could automatically discover visual links between images. As he explains, a paradigm shift is needed to overcome the scalability problem resulting from the cross-matching of all the images within a giant collection.


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Christine Guillemot, directrice de recherche Inria

European Research Council 2015

Christine Guillemot, 2015 ERC Advanced Grant winner

Nathalie Lacaux - 14/04/2016

Christine Guillemot, research director at the Inria Rennes – Bretagne Atlantique research centre, has just been awarded a European Research Council Advanced Grant. The goal of the programme is to provide talented researchers with the means to conduct a ground-breaking, high-risk five-year exploratory research project in Europe independent of an established scientific programme or national or disciplinary scientific development strategy.


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