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Paola Goatin Inria / Photo Y. Obrenovitch

Inria Awards 2014

Paola Goatin: Inria - French Académie des sciences Young Researcher Award

LH - 6/10/2014

Paola Goatin, a member of the Inria Opale project team, is a mathematician who conducts research with very practical applications to optimize road traffic and manage crowds. While she has sometimes wondered about the prospects that could offer her taste for mathematics, she has always followed her instincts. This has brought her a great deal of success, including the Inria – French Académie des sciences Young Researcher Award showing Paola Goatin that she has made the right choices.


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Gaston Berger University - African Centre of Excellence


In response to a call from the World Bank and with the academic support of the Association of African Universities, Gaston Berger University in Saint-Louis was selected as the African Centre of Excellence in Mathematics, Computer Science, Communication and Information Technology (CEA-MITIC)


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MOMI 2019

The World of Industrial Mathematics 2019

25/02/2019 to 26/02/2019

We are very pleased to announce the implementation of “The World of Industrial Mathematics – Le Monde des Mathématiques Industrielles” (MOMI2019), a two day workshop on Applied and Industrial Mathematics. The topic of this edition will be “Big Data and Machine Learning“.

Place : Inria Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée

Guest(s) : Frédéric Précioso, University of Nice Sophia Antipolis - Philippe Preux, University of Lille - Ioannis Tsamardinos, University of Crête


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Aline Carneiro Viana, research scientist - © Inria Saclay - Île-de-France

The career of a researcher

Aline Carneiro Viana: wireless and borderless networks

Catherine Fressoz - 17/03/2014

The third "Semaine des Mathématiques" (Mathematics Week), from 17 to 22 March 2014, focuses on "Mathematics at the crossroads of cultures". This gives us the chance to look back at the career of Aline Carneiro Viana. Aline was born in Brazil. This trilingual Inria employee embodies a living, creative science open to the world. Let's meet her.


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Scientific outreach

MATh.en.JEANS: the perfect equation between maths and computer science!


Place : Nancy

Guest(s) : Marie Duflot-Kremer, Erwan Kerrien


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