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Andrea Rau

Careers at Inria - Interview

Andrea rau, post-doctoral researcher

Françoise Monfort, technoscope - 19/01/2011

Originally from America, Andrea Rau has managed to combine her passions for French and applied statistics by doing a post-doctoral research visit in Inria’s SELECT research team. From North Dakota to the Inria Saclay - Ile-de-France research centre, she spoke to us about her background, her motivation and her career prospects.


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Scientifique culture

Small robots capable of big things


The five-year SYMBRION project (Symbiotic Evolutionary Robot Organisms) has just passed the halfway mark. Twelve European partners are involved in this collaborative robotics project.


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Brain Awareness Week

Gaël Varoquaux: from quantum physics to brain imaging

Lise Loumé - 10/03/2014

Gaël Varoquaux, a brain image analysis researcher on the Parietal team, takes a look back at his career path and scientific studies for Brain Awareness Week, which will take place 10-16 March 2014.


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Portrait of engineer

Daphné Giorgi: "Inria focuses on training"

Martin Bellet - 5/03/2014

Daphné Giorgi, an Inria engineer with a background in finance, is now assisting researchers from the Commands team. She regularly attends training sessions to further hone her expertise.


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European Research Council

Wendy Mackay: aiming for real human-computer interaction

Nathaly Mermet - 26/03/2013

With a European Research Council (ERC) prize to her name, Wendy Mackay is delighted to be able to explore radical innovations in computer-user interfaces.


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Computer-assisted proof

Mathematical proof by computer science!

Nathaly Mermet - 22/11/2012

A complete formal proof, certified by the Coq software, was announced in September by Georges Gonthier and his team at the Inria-Microsoft Research joint laboratory.

This work renders the conflict between computer science and mathematics obsolete, the common denominator being logic. Two young researchers who joined Georges Gonthier for the ride told us how much they enjoyed participating in the work and "grew" as a result of the Mathematical Components (MathComp) project. Here's what they had to say...


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Georges Gonthier, join laboratory Microsoft Research-Inria © Laboratoire commun Inria-Microsoft Research

Computer-assisted proof

"Our work diagram looked like a Napoleonic war plan!"

Françoise Breton - 22/11/2012

Six years transpired between the start of the project and the end of the proof of the Feit-Thompson theorem, which came on 20 September 2012. Following is the account of this modern-day adventure.

Interview with Georges Gonthier, Microsoft Research-Inria joint laboratory.


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Computer-assisted proof

A major success for computer-assisted proof

Françoise Breton - 22/11/2012

Six years after the computer-assisted proof of the four colour theorem, Georges Gonthier and his team have successfully proven the far more complex Feit-Thompson theorem, a central theorem in group theory and group classification. This is a significant step forward for mathematicians, who are increasingly utilising computer-assisted proof. Moreover, it is a success for computer science, which as a result of this endeavour has shown its ability to deploy advanced tools and techniques to codify mathematics.


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DigiCosme Labex opens

Sylvain Allemand - 20/09/2012

To mark the inaugural conference of the DigiCosme Laboratory of Excellence (Labex) on 12 and 13 September 2012, we take a look back at the origins and ambitions of this project in an interview with the lab's coordinator, Christine Paulin-Mohring.


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Olivier Temam, responsable de l'action exploratoire ByMoore


Olivier Temam, recognized for his Franco-Chinese collaboration.

Emmanuelle Perrot - 23/04/2012

Olivier Temam, Senior Research Scientist at Inria and leader of the ByMoore exploratory action, has been recognized twice (in 2010 and 2011) as part of the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ “International Talents Program”, for his cooperation with ICT (Institute of Computing Technology) in Beijing. And in February, his former PhD student, Zheng Li, himself received an award for research excellence for his PhD thesis. This prize is awarded by the Chinese government to Chinese students who have obtained their theses abroad, and there are about 500 recipients among the tens of thousands of Chinese PhD students (in all scientific disciplines) graduating abroad every year. Olivier Temam has recently established a joint team with ICT (YOUHUA) within the framework of the Franco-Chinese Lab for Computer Science, Automation and Applied Mathematics (LIAMA) after first setting up an INRIA associate team. Olivier talks us about the rationale and benefits of this collaboration.


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