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2017 Activity Report

The Digital Life in 2017


Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, robotics,  health, environment, security and privacy, culture and education, connected society...Let’s discover the 2017 Inria Activity Report as a comic strip series which presents the Inria researches  and highlights the impact of the digital revolution cross all areas of society.


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Stéphane Cotin © Inria / Photo Kaksonen

Inria Awards 2018

Stéphane Cotin : Inria – French Académie des Sciences – Dassault Systèmes Innovation Award

In the 18th century, Angélique du Coudray laid the foundations of medical simulation by training 5,000 midwives using fabric models – and saving many lives in the process. Today, Stéphane Cotin has adopted the same approach, with resources at the cutting edge of research into numerical simulation.


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Francois Charpillet Francois Charpillet - photo P Caron

Smart apartment

Inria is supporting Satelor, the Lorraine-based e-health project

CD - 31/01/2013

François Charpillet's MAIA project team is using its research results for the development of new services to improve the safety of mobility-impaired people and victims of chronic illnesses in their homes.


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Erwan Kerrien - © Re.Med. / Nov.2018

Artificial intelligence in healthcare

Humans and software: sharing intelligence

A-L C - 18/02/2019

The remarkable achievements of AI in the health sector, to give just one example, have made it a promising new field for GAFA and BATX (their Chinese competitors). Caught up in the myriad media releases and fabulous promises, there is a growing need for clarity and education. Within this context, we met with Erwan Kerrien, an IT researcher in the Magrit team, a joint undertaking of the Inria Nancy - Grand Est centre and Loria. Erwan’s work is centred around the quest for artificial intelligent images.


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Philippe Preux


Philippe Preux, Winner of the ULNE I-SITE's Expand call projects


Philippe Preux, a researcher with the Sequel* project team at the Inria Lille center, is one of the winners of the Université de Lille Nord Europe's I-SITE EXPAND call for projects. His Bandits for Health project is among the ten EXPAND projects financed to up to €150k (including the recruitment of a PhD student).


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Nikos Paragios

European Research Council 2010

Nikos Paragios: a life devoted to artificial vision and its applications in medicine

Françoise Monfort - Technoscope - 16/11/2010

This year,  eight ERC grant winners are leaders or members of Inria project-teams. Nikos Paragios, a teacher at the Ecole Centrale de Paris, was awarded a starting grant. Worth approximately 1,500,000 euros, this grant will allow the researcher to reinforce the GALEN team and conduct an ambitious five-year research project on artificial vision and its applications in the medical field. Here, we get to know the grant-winning scientist.


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© Nature/Nigam Shah, Adrien Coulet


Using Algorithms to adjust doses of medication


Adrien Coulet, lecturer at the Université de Lorraine and researcher in a joint team at Inria and Loria working in collaboration with researchers from Stanford University, has created an algorithm based on medical data to predict the need to prescribe a reduced dose of medication for a patient rather than a standard dose. An article about their research has been published in "Nature - Scientific Reports".


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Hugues Berry © Inria / Photo G. Scagnelli

Research Department

Hugues Berry, Deputy Scientific Director

Hugues Berry was nominated Deputy Scientific Director in charge of the research field "Digital Health, Biology and Earth" in 2018.


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Visualisation des 2 ventricules cardiaques et de l'architecture des fibres cardiaques à partir d'images médicales © INRIA / ASCLEPIOS

Research fields

Inria Project Labs, major interdisciplinary research programmes

Inria Project Labs' initiatives enable the launch of ambitious research projects directly linked with the institute. These programmes are often interdisciplinary and call on a wide range of skills. Aim: mobilising and highlighting the expertise of Inria researchers around key challenges.


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SOFA: a consortium on the theme of real-time simulation

Marine Loyen - 5/01/2016

As the SOFA numerical modelling software package celebrates its 10th anniversary, the founding members have decided to come together in a consortium. The purpose is to unite a community of researchers and companies in order to pursue its development.


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