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A new algorithm for more secure cryptographic exchanges


Last December in Seoul the article "Counting points on genus 2 curves with real multiplication"  by Pierrick Gaudry (LORIA/Caramel project-team), David Kohel (Institut de Mathématiques de Luminy) and Benjamin Smith (Grace team, formerly Tanc) won (jointly) the prize for best article at AsiaCrypt 2011, one of the three most important international conferences on cryptology.


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2 cars : the top one was printed using CurviSlicer software, while the bottom one was printed using less powerful software. The top car was printed using the CurviSlicer program, while the one on the bottom was printed using a lower quality program. - Inria

3D printing

Smoother 3D prints

Mediathena - 23/07/2019

Two project teams, MFX (Matter from Graphics) and Pixel, joint undertakings involving Inria and Loria based in Nancy, have developed an innovative software for the 3D printing of curved surfaces. In order to avoid “the staircase effect”, the new algorithm CurviSlicer divides the shape of the part to be printed into curved slices in such a way that the deposition follows the surfaces naturally. This makes it possible to perform deposition along smooth curved surfaces using a conventional fused filament 3D printer. Their work will be unveiled at the international conference SIGGRAPH on 31st July 2019.


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